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We are on a long term mission to make hyperspectral image analysis more accessible and a natural part of product development and quality assurance. Throughout a products' life cycle we see potential in using chemical imaging to improve efficiency - in research and development, in production and finally in waste sorting and recycling. Given the sinking cost of hyperspectral hardware we expect a steady increase in exciting applications where our software can propel the effect of investments by providing exceptional time to market and ease of application development.
We truly believe that hyperspectral technology can make the world a better place.

Andreas Vidman, CEO, Prediktera

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Prediktera has it roots in multivariate data analysis research at Umeå University in Sweden and a spin-off named Umbio. After developing a general data analysis software the team specialised in hyperspectral image analysis and early went to work on integrating hardware with their software to sell as a complete turn-key solution. A few years later, Prediktera was formed as a continuation but with shift of focus from hardware to creating the best and most user-friendly software for chemical imaging. Prediktera now adds value by offering its software and know-how to customers and partner companies manufacturing hyperspectral hardware.

Today we see the effect of this focus. By leveraging 15 years of experience of working hands-on with hyperspectral hardware and customers applications, and putting key learnings into the development of Breeze and Breeze Runtime, Prediktera is on the way to make chemical imaging accessible to more businesses and industries than ever before. These are still early days for hyperspectral data analysis and we look forward to solving many more challenges, helping more customers and working with companies that can benefit by going hyperspectral.

Prediktera gives you user-friendly software solutions. With extensive experience in data and imaging analysis we aim to be your preferred provider of software solutions for spectral imaging. We build and develop software for a wide set of scenarios: Breeze and Evince are developed to suit both the newcomer and the expert, and to help you go from idea to a solution.

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Andreas Vidman, CEO

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