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Core logging

Logging core samples is an essential part of mineral exploration. The process helps geologists and mining engineers determine the size, shape, and mineral composition of an ore body – information that is crucial for making informed decisions about the viability of a mining project and the best methods for extraction. Additionally, core samples offer valuable data for geotechnical studies, resource estimates, and grade control.

Using Prediktera’s hyperspectral imaging software the data acquisition and analysis can be made with high efficiency. The resulting mineralogic interpretation and logs can be exported in common formats and are easily included in other core logging software to enable a comprehensive understanding of the data. It also allows you to revisit and re-evaluate your data as needed without incurring extra fees.

Prediktera Breeze Geo – Created in partnership with front-runners in mining research.

The continuous development of Breeze Geo is made in collaboration with CASERM* and Colorado School of Mines. Through this partnership we gain valuable industry insights allowing us to fine-tune the software according to industry needs.
* Center to Advance the Science of Exploration to Reclamation in Mining

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Embedded and integrated hyperspectral imaging solutions made possible with Breeze Runtime.

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