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Quantitative analysis of food products for quality control

Chemical imaging allows for quick quantitative analysis of foods during the manufacturing process and can help monitor and control the manufacturing process. This enables the knowledge of product specialists to be applied in industrial level processes; ensuring high quality and efficient production.
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Using hyperspectral technology in cheese production

Knowing when a cheese has matured is important to ensure product quality. During the ripening process the texture, flavor and body of the cheese develops to align with the characteristics of the cheese being produced. Highly specialised craftsmen oversee the process and control when the product is ready for progress in storage or consumption. Traditionally this involves manual sampling which is hard to scale in industrial production environments, making it harder to oversee production and control the quality of individual products.

Hyperspectral technology allows for quick analysis of the chemical content in cheese (such as water, protein, fat and salt) without manually sampling the product. Pairing hyperspectral technology with the know-how of product specialists makes it possible to develop applications for predicting the ripening grade and quality of the finished product. These applications can then be applied in the production process, having each cheese automatically scanned and graded based on its chemical content. Using Prediktera’s software this can be done in real-time and integrated with systems for process control.

Using Breeze and Breeze Runtime you can build an efficient workflow for monitoring product quality and identifying product deviations quickly – ensuring a better and more consistent product for the consumer.

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