Deepened partnership for industrial turn-key solutions

Following a previous investment and the successful implementation of joint projects where hyperspectral imaging software and hardware are integrated in industrial run-time operations, Norsk Elektro Optikk AS furthers their investment in Prediktera, making Prediktera AB a fully owned subsidiary to NEO. 

“Pairing our HySpex hardware with Prediktera’s software builds a strong foundation in our turn-key solutions for industrial applications where high data quality and ease of use is key”, says Trond Løke, CEO of NEO.

“Our vision of making hyperspectral imaging data analysis accessible to more organisations align with NEO’s vision and we look forward to continuing this journey together”, says Andreas Vidman, CEO of Prediktera AB.

”We continue to serve the general hyperspectral imaging market as we are doing today with Evince and Breeze, and our software continues to support camera hardware from different manufacturers using our hardware SDK”, states Andreas Vidman.
“But the new ownership will make it easier for us to scale up and bring more resources to the development and support of Breeze and Breeze Runtime, the real-time analysis engine enabling industry integration”, Andreas Vidman concludes.

The partnership is non-exclusive, meaning that both companies will continue to also work with other hardware and software providers, as they do today.  

Prediktera and HySpex offer solutions for Food & beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Mining & minerals, Agriculture, Recycling and other industries.


Prediktera produces state-of-the-art software for hyperspectral imaging. Through their software suite they make it easier and faster to develop and apply hyperspectral imaging applications ranging from research to real time process integration.

Contact: Andreas Vidman, CEO Prediktera AB,,

Norsk Elektro Optikk AS (NEO) is the largest independent research and development organization in electro optics in Norway. NEOs hyperspectral imaging division, HySpex, is an industry leading manufacturer of hyperspectral cameras for research and industry applications. HySpex sensors are renowned for their stability, flexibility and superior data quality. 

Contact: Trond Løke, CEO of Norsk Elektro Optikk AS,,

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