Prediktera Breeze - change log

Version 2019.2.0 (2019/05/22)

Major changes:
* Breeze Runtime in .NET Core 2.2 and available for Windows, Linux and Mac
* Function descriptor for calculating new property by combining existing properties, e.g. (variable1 + variable2) / variable3
* New design for progress bar and high resolution images for symbols for new empty Study, Model and Workflow
* Import images with different width (number of pixels) into the same study
* All plots can be saved using right click
* Balance size of training data for classification and quantification using button in model wizard
* Support for HySpex hyperspectral file format (.hyspex)
* Import variable values from image file, by mapping pixel into segmentation
* Export and Import Study (including all associated data, models and workflows) from Record and Play
* Support for generic camera using RPC-2.0 for command control and UDP for data stream
* Lumo SDK version updated from 2017_379 to 2018_415 and make use of data callback
* Diagnostics available for Breeze Runtime (log file and chart for performance over time)
* Copy and paste in "Table" using right click
Minor changes:
* Select multiple images in Breeze and open these as a mosaic in Evince
* Warning when recycle bin needs to be emptied
* Fixed bug so that spectral plot wavelength scale is shown correctly
* Add Test(External) in classification table
* Create Trial license from license wizard
* Create quantification model from calculated descriptor
* Show observed vs calculated plot in model statistics tab
* Record raw data (spectral data) in Breeze Client
* Fixed bug for "Select all" button in model wizard

Version 2019.1.0 (2019/01/09)

Major changes:
* Segmentation using manual selection in Pixel Explore
* Segmentation using a number of representative pixels/spectra
* Breeze Runtime and Breeze Client included in installation
* Export workflow to Breeze Runtime
* Hierarchical classification models in Analysis tree
* Administer user accounts
* Handle parallel segmentations in tables and modelling
* Support for Basler cameras using Pylon SDK
* Breeze for Linux
Minor changes:
* Zooming and panning in measurement image using mouse scroll wheel
* All model settings are rembered when doing re-calibrate and duplicating existing models
* Edit analyse tree using graph layout
* Segmentation settings available in table tab
* Pseudo RGB image in Pixel Explore
* Show list of last used workspaces
* Windows size settings for Savitzky Golay in model wizard
* Minor bug fixes

Version 2018.17.0 (2018/02/21)

Major changes:
* New icon for Windows and Mac
* Hotelling T2 segmentation method in sample model wizard
* Change segmentation level in quantification and classification models
* Export spectral pixel data (hypercube) from selected sample segmentation into envi or matlab format
* Export predicted pixel data (properties and categories) from selected sample segmentation into envi or matlab format
* Create dummy properties from category
* Smoothing on quantification image result with median filter
* Segmentation using expression for quantification or classification model
* Demo mode in Play
Minor changes:
* Option for changing color scales in settings
* Option for scanning white reference in sample mover
* Evenly spread sample model, default max 9 measurement included
* Hardware settings button in Record and Play
* Handle calibration pack files for Specim cameras
* Improved camera on/off in settings
* Check for switch for focus and white reference

Version 2017.16.0 (2017/11/24)

Major changes:
* Support for HySpex cameras and stage
* New classification method: SIMCA modelling wizard
* Confusion matrix for classification models
* Download of tutorial data (Powder Quantification, Nuts Classification)
* Import images into Study level
* Import Record group into Play workflow
* Add variable or ID (identifier, property or category) from Table tab
* Option for automatic selection of Offline Simulator Camera
* Confirm and delete of all connected workflow and model(s)
* New spectra pretreatment (1st, 2nd and 3rd derivative option for Savitzky-Golay)
Minor changes:
* Add sample model from Table tab
* Import reference data (properties and categories) to Study level
* Show measurement preview image as default
* Select coloring for measurement preview image by clicking on property and category column in table
* Right click in Table header to delete variables or IDs
* Better statistics for sample models
* Fixed problem when BreezeServer.exe is not found
* Fixed problem with thumbnails not showing in table
* General bug fixes

Version 2017.15.4 (2017/10/06)

Major changes:
* Segmentation by classification model using expression e.g. (c1=1 or c1=3)
* Classification using expression (spectral band intensity, spatial parameters and model)
* Prediction using hierarchical PLS-DA models
* Prediction using SIMCA model
Minor changes:
* Better support for Lab-scanner sample mover
* Add favorite folders to file chooser dialog
* More meta data added in import
* Improve format on graph

Version 2017.15.3 (2017/09/15)

Major changes:
* Measurement image showing results for classification and quantification
* Segmentation by spectral band intensity using Expression e.g. (b10 > b20)
* Classification by Expression using spatial parameters and spectral band intensity
* Option for using same references for all selected file in file import
Minor changes:
* Fix bug exporting html report with missing values
* Fix import of matlab image files

Version 2017.15.2 (2017/09/04)

Major changes:
* Improved performance for realtime predictions
* Higher performance realtime visualisations
Minor changes:
* Fix problem with minimum area

General features


* Images (Envi, tiff, common image formats)
* Properties and categories (csv, txt, Excel, matlab)

Reference values

*Identifiers, properties and categories


* Sample (PCA)
- Select by density
- Select border pixels
* Quantification (PLS)
* Classification (PLS-DA)
* Classification (PLS-DA Hierarchical)
* Classification (SIMCA)
* Model update and recalibration
* Export model parameters


* Center
* Uv-scale
* Standard Normal Variate correction
* Savitzky-Golay Smoothing, (1st, 2nd, 3rd derivate)
* Derivate
* Realtime predictions

Object identification

* Intensity
* Grid and insets
* Pixel coordinates


* Quantification (PLS)
* Classification (PLS-DA)
* Distribution (grid, balance, direction)
* Spatial (Area, width, length, circumference, regularity roundness)
* Count sample (total, percent, class)
* Summary (average, min, max)


* Html report
* Properties, categories and spectrum to CSV

Hardware support


* Specim SpecSensor (SWIR, FX-10, FX-17 etc)
* inno-spec RedEye
* HySpex
* RGB-usb camera
* Offline file reader

Sample mover

* Specim SisuChema
* Specim Lab-scanner
* Middleton research ViaSpec
* inno-spec Stepper table
* HySpex Stage
* UmBio Inspector

Breeze realtime performance

Type320p x 256w640p x 224w1024p x 448w1024p x 10w
PCA + PLS1500 fps780 fps180 fps6100 fps
Object -identification5050 fps2200 fps1100 fps2350 fps
Both1150 fps580 fps160 fps1700 fps

Tested on Intel Core i7-4770K CPU 3.50 GHz