Prediktera Evince - change log

Version 2.7.11 (2019/05/22)

Major changes:
* Correct ticks interval on spectral plot
* New design for progress bar
Minor changes:
* Better integration with Breeze
* Support for HySpex hyperspectral file format

Version 2.7.10 (2019/01/09)

Major changes:
* Fixed problem downloading Templates (from File->Download Template(s))
* Better integration with Breeze
Minor changes:
* Show connection of models in Graph view

Version 2.7.9 (2018/03/06)

Major changes:
* Fixed error occurring when applying changes on saved project
Minor changes:

Version 2.7.8 (2018/02/21)

Major changes:
* New icon for Windows and Mac
* Import multiple files with argument -files=file1;file2...
Minor changes:
* Fixed minor bugs

Version 2.7.7 (2017/10/06)

Major changes:
* Space filling design
* Selection by model in data set using binning, evenly spread, representative and spacefilling
* Add favorite folders to file chooser dialog
* Right click and open file, model or project in file explorer
Minor changes:
* Mac shortcuts for saving etc.
* Origo in plots is formatted to 0, not 1E-17
* Better format of imported numeric observations from Excel
* Legend by Value shows selected value in the title

Version 2.7.6 (2017/05/14)

Major changes:
* Higher performance when pasting values into table
* Improved prediction table for classification
* Select Border pixels under selections in Contour2D plot
* Numbers in legend will be sorted in numeric order
* Fixed problem importing multiple csv files
* Improved support for Specim folder format
Minor changes:
* Fix bug causing error in progress dialog
* Fixed interaction bug in Contour2D plot
* Name field is default selected when creating new variables
* Fixed minor bugs
* Better message when error saveing to xls
* 50-50 manova handles class categories as input

Version 2.7.0 (2015/05/14)

Major changes:
* Integration with UmBio Breeze
* Updated icon and splash screen
* Compatibility with Java 1.8
* Improved routine analysis functionalities
Minor changes:
* Fixed minor bugs

Version 2.6.0 (2013/04/02)

Major changes:
* Fixed erroneous results from distance to model calculation, caused by thread synchronization
* Improved performance for PLS calculations
* Improved object identification
* Improved routine analysis functionalities and report support
* Option for statistical information when showing linear regression lines in plots
Minor changes:
* Fixed minor bugs in routine analysis functionalities

Version 2.5.5 (2011/11/23)

Major changes:
* Selecting several files or folders are now possible for merged file import of images
* Support for Excel files in Office Open XML format, XLSX, has been added
* Spectral plot has been improved. It is now possible to use panning and access properties. It is also possible to use coloring by category.
* Printing functionality has been improved
Minor changes:
* Create new dataset from selected variables in plot menu is now working correctly
* Fixed wrong descriptions (showing N/A) of R2Y & Q2Y summary for PLS single Y models in data tree
* Fixed crash for molecule plot
* Fixed crash occurring when exiting Evince
* Fixed settings panel disappearing when opening saved projects and Java 1.7
* Fixed crash for save dialog
* Fixed crash occurring when canceling PLS model with cross-validation
* Fixed erroneous results for full cross-validation when UV-scaling is applied to Y variables
* Changing left/right points for Savitzky-Golay transformation does not hide settings panel
* Fixed other crashes that could occur in certain rare cases

Version 2.5.4 (2011/09/20)

Minor changes:
* Added shortcut keys for selections (ctrl+f) and print (ctrl+p)
* Fixed crash when deleting DataSet
* Fixed problems with Contour 3D plot and greyed out sections when excluding objects
* Fixed crash when including / excluding variable while line plot of Xtraining transformed is visible
* Fixed crash when setting Y-axis labels to class for Contour 2D plot
* Fixed crash when pasting new identifer
* Fixed crash for Spectral plot
* Fixed several other rare crashes

Version 2.5.3 (2011/08/08)

Major changes:
* Copying DataSet tables to clipboard now shows included/excluded items and keeps class names
* The order of plots is recorded in saved project

Minor changes:
* Optimization of ENVI import
* Improved Full Cross-Validation stability
* Fixed minor status bar messages
* Fixed addition of text box to first column of Contour 2D plot
* Changing name of modification now keeps selection intact
* Fixed crash when saving one of several open projects
* Fixed crash when plotting weights line plot from external PLS model (used for predicting DataSet from model on disk)
* Fixed crash when saving plot in SVG format
* Fixed error when saving gif from plots with more than 256 colors
* Fixed error when saving file to non-valid folder, e.g. "My Computer"

Version 2.5.2 (2011/05/18)

Major changes:
* Classes can be assigned for generated average spectral profiles
* Possibility to set line width for line plots
* Dataset changes can be applied for individual models
* Relative column heights by number of selected samples in histogram plot
* Window layout in plot panel and table panel is correctly saved when saving project
* Relative prediction error, RDP, implemented as ratio between standard deviation of Y and RMSEP
* Improved full Cross-Validation
* Selecting class in legend selects the corresponding plot objects

Minor changes:
* Fixed crash during xls file import
* Fixed crash when calculating model with only one observation
* Fixed jpg screenshots having a reddish look
* Fixed faulty RMSECV for models with UV-scaling
* Fixed progressbar not showing entire message
* Fixed excluding of test set when "Set equal class sizes" for PLS-DA model is active
* Particle size distribution generates new DataSet

Version 2.5.1 (2011/02/11)

Major changes:
* Distance to model exclusion of outliers is by default disabled for PLS-DA classification and PLS quantification
* Dcrit for each component is shown in Distance to model plot
* Better support for ENVI format

Minor changes:
* Improved scripting functionality in routine analysis

Version 2.5.0 (2010/10/11)

Major changes:
* Confidence intervals for p and w from cross validation
* Feature for selecting and including observations so that a category is represented by an equal number of samples for each class
* Improved interaction for particle size distribution
* Selection for included, train, test and x/y objects in dataset
* Full and partial cross validation for PLS models.
* Calculation of RMSECV for full cross validation.
* Option to reduce to average by category
* Create analogous PLS Y-variable for each file in multi import
* Possibility to set scale factor and offset for PLS models in Quantification table.
* Possibility to link image thumbnail references to observations during import. These images can be visualized in data set and plots

Minor changes:
* Mouse selections can be started outside the plot area
* Plot background color and text colors for labels and headers
* Improved performance and memory usage for several calculations
* Improved script functionalities to be used in routine analysis
* Fixed visualization problem with bi-plots
* General change from "Class" to "Categories" and from "Sub-classes" to "Classes"
* Several bugs revealed since previous version have been fixed.

Version 2.4.0 (2010/04/16)

Major changes:

* Jack Knifing for cross validation has been introduced for loadings (p-values), weights (w-values) and Q2.
* Confidence intervals are selectable in plots. The confidence intervals are based on Jack Knifed cross validation at the 95% confidence level and converted to confidence interval using t-values from a t-distribution.
* It is now possible to create contribution plots using one and two weights of loadings in PCA and PLS models.
* Selectable minimum and maximum cut-off levels for classes in PLS-DA model classifications.
* Critical distance (Dcrit) are now used in PLS-DA to classify observations.
* Support for import and use of Raman spectroscopy file formats.
* 50-50 Manova statistics for discrete variables.
* Particle size distribution for determining and analysis of physical particles or voids on/in analyzed materials.
* Reduced data size in import wizard allowing users with low RAM to perform calculations.

Minor changes:

* A convenient "Include only" function introduced for selection in images in import wizard and visualizations.
* Data set settings for transformations selectable directly in visualizations of data.
* Fixed axis problem with Contour 2D plots.
* Improved scripting functionality.
* Several bugs revealed since previous version have been fixed.

Version 2.3.2 (2009/10/23)

Major changes:
* Plot titles are automatically updated with names present in the data tree.
* Fixed problems with Observed vs Calculated plot not being updated when applying changes.
* The time needed to import Matlab files has been reduced drastically.

Minor changes:
* The derivative transformation is now applied after SNV and MSC.
* Better support for GRAMS file format.
* Size for Xtest transformed and Ytest transformed in data tree is now correct.
* Fixed crash occurring when excluding observations in plot created from Xtraining with active label.
* Fixed crash when legend is set from a class, which is removed.
* Fixed crash when importing several ascii files at the same time.
* Added the possibility to save matrices from data tree without identifiers.
* Fixed erroneous behaviour of Contour2D plots from variable matrices (P,W etc).
* Legend for line plots colored by vector is now working.
* Fixed problem with ObsDMYpred showing not-a-number values.

Version 2.3.1 (2009/09/03)

Major changes:
* Visible interaction between predicted DataSets and models used for prediction.
* Pixels with no variation is automatically excluded when importing or predicting image data.
* New feature for setting number of model components without having to adding/removing components.
* New functionality for merging several images (tif, png,jpeg etc.) by layer into a single image.
* Score and loading plots now show the explained variance of the plotted components.
* Fixed bug regarding saved models losing information about identifiers and classes.
* New overview plot for model containers, which show explained variances for all included models at the same time.
* The Evince default colors have been changed for plots and data tree items in order to increase perception.
* Manual selection of dcrit for SIMCA classification.

Minor changes:
* Fixed so that full length of object names is visible in data tree.
* Bi-plot axis for both layers is synced when changing component.
* Correct scaling of score plot axis with hotelling ellipse.
* Saving project upon closing down Evince now saves project into recent project list.
* Fixed crash with reduce to average transformation when the total number of observations was divisible with the reduce to average group size.
* RMSEP table is updated correctly when the number of PLS components is changed.
* Increased performance of spectral plot.

Version 2.3 (2009/06/08)

Major changes:
* It is now possible to get reflectance values higher than one unit by unticking "Cap reflectance values higher than one unit" during import.
* Better performance when calculating models, predictions and transformations due to better use of multithreading.
* Possible to predict datasets with a different number of variables than what is present in the model.
* Possible to save spectra from spectral plot to file.

Minor changes:
* Added Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation
* Fixed crash when predicting external data from single-Y PLS models.
* Fixed crashed when creating histogram for ycalc.
* Fixed interaction for Bi-plot.
* Average for selections in quick information for Contour 2D plots.
* Minimum and maximum values corrected for legends.

Version 2.2.2 (2009/02/24)

Major changes:
* Added Bi-plot that shows normalized T values together with P values in the same plot
* Printing functionality is available for plots

Minor changes:
* Fixed problem with saving after removing models
* Fixed axis ticks for contour 2D and column plots

Version 2.2.1 (2009/02/04)

Major changes:
* Memory optimizations. Imported data can now be stored in short or single
precision in order to preserve memory.
* Added SIMCA Classification
* Added Cooman's Plot
* Fixed problem with adding components to PLS single-Y models
* Updated help section to reflect recent changes in functionality

Minor changes:
* Fixed problem with opening SAC-files with special characters in the name
* Fixed problem when exporting to sdf from PCA class models
* Improved MATLAB export

Version 2.2.0 (2008/11/14)

Major changes:

* Support for import of multiple files. New tab selection in the import
wizard "Multiple image import", for merging multiple files into on project.
* Multiple legends in the plot properties dialog.
* The user can now change the order of classes inside legends by moving
classes up or down in the class settings panel. The class settings panel
is found in the data set table.
NOTE: the sort option in the legend properties must be unchecked.
* Added possibility to save models containing only the necessary data needed
for an external prediction.

Minor changes:
* Now possible to add more then one wild card for string selection in the
selection panel, in data set tables.
* Legends can show items by class from both color and shape.
* Improved script functionality.

Version 2.1.0 (2008/10/06)

Major changes:

* Missing values can now be replaced by median value of surrounding pixels
during import.
* A new modification, Prediction classes, added. Automatically created by
the PLS-DA model. This enables automatic classification from the classes
specified in the model. This can be used to color plots, create layers
and/or select data points. More information can be found in the help
* When creating a PCA model from classes, the models will be stored in a
model container that can be saved as a single model. It will also be
updated automatically if the data set is changed.

Minor changes:

* Tweaked MATLAB import and export.
* Now possible to drag pixels from RGB plots to contribution plot settings.
* Tweaked information shown in tooltips for some plots.
* Improved X-axis descriptions for Spectral plots; this means that descriptions
will now be fetched from the last data set interacted with instead of always
from the original data.
* Supports the SAC file format (Legacy and standard).
* Optimized calculation speed of predictions and transformations.
* Improved script functionality.
* Updated 3D library to latest version.

Bugs fixed:
* Colors should no longer reset in plots belonging to a different data set
when changing the current data set.
* Pasting of values during import should work better; rows would sometimes be
* The user will get a warning while trying to create a PLS-DA model if here
is no variance in the Y variables. Earlier this lead to an error message.
* Fixed problems with moving classes to layers.

Known bugs:
* Problems with 3D plots under Linux.
* No support for 3D plots in 64bit Java under OSX.
* Some problems under Windows Vista when computer is in a domain.

Version 2.0.21 (2008/08/07)

Major changes:

* Interactions has been overhauled
* Read support for SAC (SisuCHEMA Archive Container) file format.

Minor changes:

* Wild card search for variables has been added.
* Logarithm transformation can now either update values or add new values
(old default was new value).
* Reverse colors for plots now possible.

Version 2.0.20 (2008/05/28)

Major changes:

* MATLAB export greatly improved.

Minor changes:

* Help chapters updated to reflect changes made.
* Enabled removal or renaming of identifier columns.
NOTE: For changes to be reflected in the models, changes must be applied
* Increased speed of copying plots to clipboard, especially for some plot types.

Version 2.0.19 (2008/05/14)

Major changes:

* Plot legends have been improved.
* Modifications in the data set are now shown in the order they are calculated.
* Logarithms can now have constants (log(X + C))
* When creating classes, wildcards can now be used.
* Wildcard selection for observations in the data set.

Minor changes:

* Screen shots shown in preview for new saved projects.
* Excel import times improved when using file with several sheets.
* Script improvements.

Version 2.0.18 (2008/04/22)

Major changes:

* New functionality for manually adding Y variables by setting a selection to
a specific value.
* Improved image import where a preview of the image is shown. It is possible
to exclude both pixels and wavelengths in the image preview.
* Added functionality for correcting images with a set of standard images.
Spectral unit conversion to reflectance and pseudo-absorbance is possible.
* Support for reading .HIPS file format.
* Support for writing MATLAB files (.mat) and ENVI files.

Minor changes:

* Observed vs Calculated plot for PLS models is easier to use.
* Observations/variables from a test set is greyed out when excluded.
* Added warning when it is likely too many subclasses would be created from
some actions (would be very slow).
* New (not loaded) Spectral plots from original data will have a set
maximum value (based on maximum in the data) .
* Model collections have been tweaked to display more useful plots.
* All functionality in the data set menu for observations are always
available in order to avoid confusion.

Version 2.0.17 (2008/03/04)

Major changes:

* Added support for 3D hardware acceleration for Contour 3D plots.
NOTE: 3D acceleration can be turned off in Tools/Options/Global 3D

* Add/remove component functionality in model overview plot
* Logarithm transformation is fixed when missing values are present
* Added support for creating spectral angle maps from image data
* Data range for Contour2D, Contour3D and RGB image plots is now updated
when new component is added or removed
* The viewing of identifiers is improved.
* Fixed error for RGB image plots when certain observations are excluded.