Hyperspectral imaging made easy for the agriculture industry

Prediktera provides turn-key solutions for hyperspectral imaging, enabling the agriculture industry to analyze materials and products in real-time and to see the big picture.

See chemical information
in real time ​

Hyperspectral cameras paired with Prediktera’s software make it possible to classify, quantify and identify material in your agricultural production in real-time based on the chemical composition of the objects or areas being scanned. It can replace visual inspection as well as manual lab testing and let you analyse the full production volume or large land areas.

Use cases from field to factory

Remote sensing

Drone in a soybean field,

Scanning large areas using airplane or UAVs. Analysis of soil quality, early detection of disease and water stress.

Green house &
vertical farming


Mounted on rails, continously monitoring growth process.

Farming vehicles

Combine Harvester and tractor

Real-time analysis of quality, detection of disease and foreign materia.

In process

Detail from a Potatoe Industry

Grading of produce, classification and  detection of foreign objects in sorting process.

Precision farming

Hyperspectral imaging is an enabler for precision farming since it enables quick and precise analysis at a large scale of several important factors.

Quality inspection of berries, vegetables and fruits

Hyperspectral imaging offers a unique opportunity to improve upon current methods for quality analysis and provides real-time information:

Grain quality control

Hyperspectral imaging offers a non-destructive alternative to slow manual sampling and grading of grain and cereals: 

Unlocking the hyperspectral potential

The human eye as well as an ordinary camera can only see visible light (i.e. colors). Hyperspectral camera technology unlocks the potential in near-infrared light (NIR) – meaning that you can extract the chemical fingerprint of any organic surface and material such as crops, fruit and soil, to replace visual inspection as well as lab testing. Using advanced machine learning in the Breeze software from Prediktera, this information can be used to classify, quantify and identify objects in your material in real-time.

Detection of damages on apples

Powered by AI

The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to classify, quantify and perform object based analysis. The suite covers everything from R&D, application development to online processes.

Cameras for industrial use

The software can be used together with a number of different cameras for industrial purposes, offering the speed, robustness and accuracy needed for online processes. It can also be attached to a drone or UAV enabling remote sensing.

Integrate with control systems

It comes with an flexible application programming interface (API), enabling our hyperspectral solution to be seamlessly integrated with your control system, machines and devices, enabling a fully automated application.

We help you go from idea to solution

Find out how your company can benefit from hyperspectral technology today. We can help you verify your use case by analyzing your materials. Learn more and get in touch!

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