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Use hyperspectral imaging to improve productivity and quality

Prediktera provides turn-key solutions for hyperspectral imaging, enabling the food and beverage industry to analyze the chemical information of materials and products in real-time.

Hyperspectral made easy and accessible for the food and beverage industry

The chemical information in your processes and products contains lots of valuable information that hasn’t been accessible until now. With turn-key solutions including software, hardware and development, we can offer you applications from raw material to packaged product, covering everything from sorting to quality assurance.

Breeze Runtime

See chemical 
information in real time

The human eye as well as an ordinary camera can only see visible light (i.e. colors). Using hyperspectral camera technology you are unlocking the potential in near-infrared light – meaning that you can extract the chemical fingerprint of any organic surface and material such as plants, food and packaging materials.

Using advanced machine learning in the Breeze software from Prediktera, this information can be used to classify (categorize e.g: A, B or C), quantify (measure the % of a component) and identify objects in your material in real-time. 

By using this technology inline in your process, you can perform continuous and automatic quality inspection on your production line based on chemical analysis. The hyperspectral imaging solution can run at high speeds, is non-destructive and can be integrated with machine control and sorting systems.


Powered by AI

The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms to classify, quantify and perform object based analysis. The suite covers everything from R&D, application development to online processes.

Cameras for industrial use

The software can be used together with a number of different cameras for industrial purposes, offering the speed, robustness and accuracy needed for online processes.

Integrate with control systems

It comes with an flexible application programming interface (API), enabling our hyperspectral solution to be seamlessly integrated with your control system, machines and devices, enabling a fully automated process application.

Quality monitoring

By using a hyperspectral camera together with an application developed in our Breeze software, key quality parameters such as fat, protein and water content of your raw materials and products can be measured in real time directly in the process. The analysis is fast, non-destructive and provides continuous quality control of your process and products.

Identification of foreign objects

By applying hyperspectral camera technology in the production process, the unique spectral fingerprint of the material can be analyzed and classified at high speeds based on its chemical composition. Foreign materials such as nut shells, plastic, glass, stones and other by-products can be detected and instruct further processing or removal.

Packaging inspection

By using hyperspectral imaging, you can inspect that packages are properly sealed to avoid contamination and to ensure shelf life of the product. The unique spectral fingerprint of the material in the process is analyzed at high speeds and classified based on its chemical composition. Leaks and holes in the packaging that otherwise would have gone undetected can now be identified and removed from the process stream.

Applications for food and beverage

Below you’ll find a collection of existing and possible applications utilizing hyperspectral imaging, covering the complete food & beverage value chain including raw materials, ingredient processing, food processing and packaging.

Let’s talk to learn more about how we can help you benefit using this technology.

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Bakery is built very much on handcraft, knowledge and experience. By introducing hyperspectral imaging, quality control can be fully automated thanks to in-line chemical analysis in the process. This can be applied on ingredients processing as well as fermentation and baking. 

Application examples: Bread moisture measurement, mold on bread, Fiber in flour, Decease on grain, Mold detection on grain.


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When it’s time for processing of ingredients, hyperspectral imaging can help to classify and sort species, grade quality based on chemical composition, identify foreign objects as well as sponge, mold or other unwanted deviations. 

Application examples: Nut sorting, nutshell and foreign materials.


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Hyperspectral image analysis can offer a large number of different applications in the dairy industry, especially when it comes to cheese production. It could be to measure the key quality parameters like content of fat, protein and water, monitor the maturing process, mold detection and packaging quality assurance.

Application examples: Cheese maturity, real-time quality inspection based one water and fat content, Mold detection on cheese, Cheese curd moisture, Detection of leaks and unwanted material in packaging.


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Fish processing

In the fish industry, hyperspectral imaging can be used to monitor fish quality, feed distribution, classify species and detection of unwanted quality deviations such as blood in the muscle or parasites.

Applications examples: Classification of species, Quality grading. Detection of blood in the muscle and parasites. 

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Fruit and vegetables

If you’re in the fruit and vegetables industry, you know it’s a lot of manual labor to identify and try and sort out individual pieces of product that have deviations such as diseases or damages. Hyperspectral imaging will help you to automate quality grading and replace manual inspection. 

Application examples: Bruising on apples, damage and disease on potatoes, French fries.


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Hyperspectral imaging can help you in the processing of meat. By analyzing the chemical composition and distribution you can identify and grade the meat quality based on example marble and fat distribution, and identify foreign materials such as plastics.

Applications: Meat marble analysis, identification of foreign materials, detect fraudulent food.

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