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Mineral mapping in open pit mines

The material distribution within a mine face typically varies in the small scale and within daily assigned extraction segments. These changes are not always visually identifiable but are relevant for the ore quality from an extracted build and for adjusting the subsequent processing steps.

Minimizing misclassifications or false allocations of material will minimize energy-intensive material re-handling. Imaging spectroscopy can help to identify and evaluate relevant minerals or deposit-specific geological materials before the extraction. It also allows for a streamlining of the extraction itself and the subsequent material transport to the processing facilities.

m4miningm4mining – Multi-scale, Multi-sensor Mapping and dynamic Monitoring for sustainable extraction and safe closure in Mining environments

The Prediktera team is part of the 3-year m4mining Horizon Europe project. m4mining aims to improve material characterization during extraction, re-mining, and environmental impact monitoring. Together with other world leading organisations in the field, we plan to revolutionize the use of remote sensing for geological applications.

Funded by the European Unionm4mining is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement ID 101091462

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